About the Artist

Artist Statement
My paintings reflect my continuing exploration of the relationship between representation and imagination, as well as my own personal transitions between representational art and abstract painting. For subject matter, I draw from the natural world. The tree and tree-like images in many of my paintings represent nature’s warriors –fighters and survivors against dire circumstances- -and our sometimes detached relationship with nature. The emotional impact of color and color relationships is as important as the subject matter itself. I am especially concerned with the balance between saturated and muted hues. Texture is also an important aspect of my most recent work –the inherent texture of the painting surface, the texture of the paint, and also the addition of various materials to create texture.
Artist Bio
Rebecca Birtel Madura, a native of New Orleans, studied studio art at Newcomb College and the University of Texas at Austin were she earned a BA in Fine Arts (Studio Art) and a BA in Liberal Arts (French). She has 25 years of experience as a visual art educator in local parochial, private and public schools in New Orleans, where she was also involved in art curriculum development. Rebecca is currently as the Director of the Visual Arts Program at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School and the Art Teacher at the New Orleans Museum of Art. She serves on the Educational Advisory Board at NOMA and is a guest artist with YA/YA, Inc., working with YAYA member at the Studio and with YA/YA’s Urban Heroes Program. Rebecca is involved with many community art projects. In addition to being a visual arts educator, she has continued to pursue her own art and exhibits locally. She is currently affiliated with the Second Story Gallery at the New Orleans Healing Center.